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Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Center
Mission Statement:
  Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Center is a non-profit academic research institution that undertakes new research, archives information, curates exhibitions, organizes conferences publishes scholarly research regarding Chinese contemporary art on global level.

  Chinese contemporary art has emerged into a new phase after thirty years of development. It not only confronts many problems in practice and criticism, but it also responds to the development of old and new institutions, art market, and a variety of situations filled with opportunities and challenges. The status quo is that market-oriented commercial space has been established at an unprecedented pace on the one hand, while state-supported art institutions have become more and more dominant on the other. Nonetheless, there is no non-government academic institution that concentrates on research and study, thus, establishment of such “Third Space” institution located in China is …


现代性与抽象 现代性与抽象
Bortoletto Sara Gao Minglu Tao Yongbai
Wang Mingxian Wang Zhiliang Zhou Yan
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