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85 Art Movement

85 Art Movement
Public date:2007-12-1

Edited By Gao Minglu
Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press
1st Dec, 2007

’85 Art Movement (volume I): The Enlightenment of Chinese Avant-Garde
’85 Art Movement (volume II): An Anthology of Historical Sources
 Guangxi Normal University Press, 2008
This is the re-edited version of the book A History of Chinese Contemporary Art: 1985-1986, co-written by Gao Minglu, Zhou Yan, Wang Xiaojian, Shu Qun, Wang Mingxian and Tong Dian, published by Shanghai People’s Publisher, 1991. In addition to re-edition of the 1991 book (volume I), an anthology of historical sources (volume II) is added to provide large amount of visual and textual documents of the movement as substantial supplement to the main body of the monograph.

Table of Contents (volume I)
Gao Minglu, Foreward of the Re-edited Version
Gao Minglu, Foreward of the First Edition
Introduction: A History of Contemporary Art as A General Historiography
Chapter I: A General Picture of the Art in the New Period (1976-1984)
Chapter II: Confronting with ’85 Avant-Garde – Academician Art and Traditional Art in the 1980s
Chapter III: the Wave of Rationalism
Chapter IV: the Current of Life
Chapter V: Transcendence and Return – New Wave Art after ’85 Avant-Garde
Chapter VI: Architecture of the 1980s
Chapter VII: Modern Art and Culture
Chronology of Chinese Contemporary Art: 1977-1989
List of Foreign Names (bilingal)
Gao Minglu: Afterward of the First Edition
Liu Dong: Postscript
Table of Contents (volume II)
Gao Minglu, Preface
Chapter I: Non-official Art Societies and Exhibitions after the Cultural Revolution
Chapter II: Summerary and Review of ’85 Art Movement
Chapter III: the Wave of Rationalism
Chapter IV: the Current of Life
Chapter V: Conceptual Art, Action and Anti-Art
Chapter VI: Script of TV Documentary Today’s New Wave Art


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